Dentist Plano Dental Signs and Symptoms

McKinney Dentist on What to Watch out for

A great variety of paths and causes may lead a patient to their McKinney dentist. Some of these times it may just be because it is time for their 6-month check-up and cleaning, and others it may be due to some troubles they were experiencing.


Dental and oral health issues can reveal themselves in many ways for patients, with some tell-tale signs and symptoms that can clue your McKinney dentist in on what is really occurring.


In order to help our patients identify some of the symptoms they may want to be looking out for, and what they could be potentially indicative of- that is why we created this blog today!


Oral Sores

Sores within the mouth can develop from numerous circumstances. Everything from biting the side of the mouth while chewing to a cold or canker sore can be unpleasant and may stick around a few days. Unfortunately, some of these “less severe” sores and some more serious ones that can be early indicators of oral cancer may not always be easy to differentiate. If you have any sore that lasts more than a few and does not seem to improve, making an appointment with your McKinney dentist as soon as you can is highly recommended.


Bleeding Gums

Most patients will discover they are suffering from bleeding gums whilst brushing or flossing their teeth. The little bit of irony that can be taken from this fact is that the gums usually will become inflamed over time due to a patient not flossing or brushing enough! That’s right! If unhealthy oral bacteria are not cleared away from a daily oral health regimen it can build and cause the inflammation over time. Bleeding gums are an early indicator of gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss, structural damage or other whole-body-health issues such as heart disease or diabetes if not treated properly.


Sensitive Teeth

Teeth sensitivity is one of the most commonly complained about oral health issues in the world. The reason most people battle with that ache when they have a hot cup of coffee or a cold glass of water? Their diet. A diet high in sugars and acids can over time erode the enamel of the teeth, leaving nerves exposed. It is when these nerves are exposed that shooting pains from stimuli can result. Sensitive teeth can not only be an indicator of microscopic holes in the teeth but also can possibly point to gum disease, gum recession, teeth fractures and more.


If you are suffering from any of these above listed dental signs and symptoms, being proactive is key. Make sure to maintain your daily oral health regimen intact and to call your McKinney dentist today to schedule an appointment. Alexander Dental can be reached at (972) 509-9399.