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Plano TX Cosmetic Dentistry on Bodily Wellness

Your body is made of complex systems that interact with each other more than you may ever know. Issues that can impact one part of your anatomy can come around and have huge (or no) effect on another part that seems to be the polar opposite.


From issues dealing with stress linking to your teeth grinding at night…gum disease developing into instances of heart disease and more—these are situations your top provider of Plano TX cosmetic dentistry has to help patients deal with daily.


And while many of our past Plano TX dental blogs have dealt with these topics in some shape or form, today we wished to compile a comprehensive list of some of the ways oral and bodily health interact with each other.


It was when we were searching online for more resources on this blog that we came across a great, trusted link that we wished to share with you today. We felt it explained, with just the right amount of detail and visual stimuli, the correlations we mentioned above- as well as some other connections too.


With all of that said, you can CLICK HERE to view a WebMD provided slideshow covering around a dozen of the most common oral health issues that can end up involving the entire body.


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