Dentist Plano Advantages of Dental Implants

This Procedure can Enhance Your Smile at Your Dental Implants Plano TX Location


With all of the advances that dentistry has made for centuries, there are still occurrences where tooth loss may happen. Popular reasons for tooth loss are an accident by injury, tooth decay, and gum disease. While loss by injury isn’t always preventable, poor dental care can be avoided, as can tooth decay and gum disease. Fortunately, at your dental implants Plano TX location, your missing tooth can be replaced and your smile can look natural again! Below are the advantages of this procedure and why a patient should seriously consider this if they’re missing a tooth.


For medical reasons, if a person is missing a tooth, then it can affect the rest of their teeth, and even the structure of their jaw. Your mouth is made to have a certain number of teeth, and if one or multiple is missing, the structure of your face will begin to sink. Your jawbone begins to deteriorate and lose its strength, so it won’t look natural for much longer. Putting a dental implant in that empty spot will keep your jaw, along with the rest of your teeth, in place. No shifting, no moving—nothing!


Difficulty eating will be a thing of the past once your dental implant is put in place. No matter if it’s a front tooth or one in the way back; eating certain foods can be a struggle and can cause a person to quit eating that food entirely if they’re unable to properly consume it without struggling. Since your implant acts just as a natural tooth does, then it will be able to chew and break down what your own teeth can! The implant will feel comfortable and as if it’s your own tooth as you eat.


From now on, with your dental implant, you won’t have to change your dental routine to do any special treatment. Besides a few extra trips to your dentist to make sure your implant is taken care of and cleaned, you’ll simply have to brush and floss twice a day to maintain a healthy smile once again! There won’t be any dentures to take extra care of or put aside and you won’t feel embarrassed about eating or smiling in public because your implant is made to look natural to you!


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