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Waterlase Dentistry

Committed to making our patients feel as comfortable as possible, Alexander Dental utilizes Waterlase Dentistry technology. Using a process called HydroPhtonics, Waterlase Dentistry combines laser energy with water to perform a wide variety of dental procedures more comfortably.


Here are 4 reasons why Waterlase makes your experience at our Plano dentist office and our McKinney dentist office a stress-free one.


It’s virtually painless. Dental fears are minimized due to little to no anesthetics or drills needed to perform routine dental procedures. The water-based laser will keep your tooth hydrated during the procedure, preventing heat and giving you a virtually pain-free experience!


Natural Water-Powered Dentistry. Waterlase is safer on human tissue in the mouth because it uses a combination of air, water, and laser energy. Teeth are partially made up of water so once the water-based laser makes contact with the tooth, it excites the water molecules to make cutting through the tooth an easier experience.


It’s convenient. There’s no need to see a specialist for some procedures. Dr. Kasiri, your Plano, TX and McKinney, TX dentist, can perform a variety of procedures on the same day as your routine checkup! Between work, school, kids, and everyday life, who has time for multiple visits for basic procedures?


It’s safe. Waterlase has been used in dermatology, ophthalmology, and cosmetic procedures for years. Now, Waterlase is applicable to many dental procedures as well, for both adult and pediatric patients. Regular dental drills rely on constant spinning and grinding and can cause cracks and pain. They also remove larger pieces of tooth than typically necessary.


Dr. Kasiri, a Waterlase dentist practicing in Plano and McKinney, Texas, can precisely remove the damaged part of the tooth without damaging the rest of it. There is no question that a Waterlase dentist is the way to go for a safe, precise procedure.


To make an appointment with a Waterlase dentist in Plano, give our Plano dental office a call at 972-509-9399.

To make an appointment with a Waterlase dentist in McKinney, give our McKinney dental office a call at 214-504-0500.