Dentist Plano Alcohol Abuse & Oral Health

Dentist in McKinney TX Wants Patients to Know the Risks of Alcohol


While it’s no secret that alcohol can be highly enjoyable and the reason for a good get-together, it should also be no surprise that it can be extremely harmful to your oral health, as well. Many people associate the health problems related to alcohol as solely issues with your stomach or liver. But since the first thing that alcohol comes in contact with is your mouth, then your dental care is at a high risk. Your dentist in McKinney TX wants patients to know the consequences of severe alcohol consumption and how your oral health is related.


Much like tobacco, alcohol can cause oral cancer if it isn’t done in moderation. Tobacco shouldn’t be indulged in at all, but people are much more likely to smoke a cigarette, cigar, or something of the like if they’re drinking alcohol. Because of the combination of these two, this is the result for many patients who contract oral cancer.


It’s also likely that people who overconsume alcohol are also not properly taking care of their oral health. This means skipping out on brushing their teeth frequently, not watching what kinds of foods they consume, and improper use of their teeth for other situations. Because of this, these people have a much higher chance of contracting periodontitis disease, or gum disease.


Moderation is the key when it comes to alcohol. This will greatly reduce the risk of oral cancer, along with many other dental issues like cavities, tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss. On top of protecting your oral health, you’ll be doing your physical health a favor, as well.


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