Dentist Plano All About Bleeding Gums

Dentist in McKinney TX on Stopping The Bleeding

One of the most common dental issues that patients will first notice while participating in their daily oral health regimen is bleeding gums. They will be brushing and when they spit, notice a bit of red in the toothpaste in the sink.


Seeing any blood leaving our own bodies can be traumatizing. It’s instinctual to think about that “not being natural”- so when it startles you at first, your McKinney TX dentist totally understands.


With that in mind, you may have many questions concerning your bleeding gums…how they got that way and how you can solve them. Luckily, your dentist in McKinney TX has compiled some information all about bleeding gums for your benefits today.


So as we began the article, most patients notice their gums bleeding when brushing their teeth. It is this brushing of teeth, well technically a lack of brushing the teeth, that can lead to bleeding gums in the first place.


Some vitamin deficiencies, using a hard bristle toothbrush and a few other issues have been correlated with bleeding gums- but your daily regimen seems to be number one.


By not flossing or brushing at least twice daily, for two minutes and utilizing proper technique- your gums can become inflamed thanks to bacterial and particle build up. It is when this inflammation occurs that the gums can begin to bleed at the simplest touch.


If your regimen is not improved upon, various issues can result. The most common of these issues is gum disease. Gum disease can develop over time to result in tooth loss, structural damage and even has been linked to issues such as heart disease and diabetes.


The best way to prevent bleeding gums and all the problems that can come along with it is to make sure you keep up with your twice-daily brushing regimen the best you can.


If you need pointers and/or advice on your at-home regimen, make sure to ask your dentist in McKinney TX for a demonstration at your next appointment.


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