Dentist Plano Backlash at Whitening Beads

Dentist in McKinney TX on The Troubles of Toothpaste

The odds are that if you have used a whitening toothpaste or some type of facial exfoliating product in the last few years, you may have been exposed to some little polyethylene beads in that product. These beads work in these products by literally scrubbing away surface stains or dead skin thanks to the force being applied to them. And while they have been deemed non-toxic and “safe” by the FDA, more and more companies are turning away from these plastic beads.


What can be causing the backlash at the beads, though?


Well, to start, your dentist in McKinney TX for one has seen the impact these beads in whitening toothpaste can have on a patient’s mouth. These beads are not biodegradable, so will not wither away over time. That means even if they get stuck in your teeth, like a piece of food, they will stay there until something or someone dislodges them.


Often times that “someone” is one of our McKinney dental staff members doing your cleaning or other procedural work.


That’s right. These beads can get stuck at the gum line, between teeth and lead to other things becoming stuck behind them- leading to serious dental issues. Decay and disease are just a few of the oral health hazards to look out for when it comes to these little orbs.


But not only do our mouths suffer…but the environment can as well. While they may not be plastic, they obviously have the ability to accumulate- something our oceans and water systems don’t need more of. Every time they are flushed down the sink or shower they join a mass of other plastics in our ecosystem that can take years and years to be removed.


For these reasons above, many companies have vowed to stop using these beads hopefully within the next year or two. They are looking for other organic, yet efficient, replacements that can still help whiten teeth and exfoliate the skin- without the bodily health or environmental impact.


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