Dentist Plano Best Snacks to Protect Teeth

Your Plano Dentist Knows You Like to Snack—It’s Better to Snack Right!


Snacking can be fun and enjoyable, but most snacks that people indulge in are usually harmful like chips, candies, chocolates, pretzels, and more. Many snacks like these are easy to grab and go, but creating your own healthy, safe snacks doesn’t have to be hard! This is especially important if you have children because they’ll most likely want to eat what the adults eating, so setting an example and eating healthy will make them want to do the same. Your Plano dentist provides a list of healthy snacks for children and adults alike!


Fresh Fruit
Fresh fruit is just sweet enough for children to think they’re getting away with something. They can be just as quick and easy to prepare as would snagging a bag of chips, so tossing some cut up apples, pears, oranges and grapes into a zip bag wouldn’t be a bad afternoon snack. To make it more interesting, parents can include a plain, non-fat yogurt for their children and themselves to mix together. The yogurt is also beneficial because it can mild the acidity of certain fresh fruits like strawberries and pineapples.


Fresh, Raw Veggies
Vegetables like carrots, celery, broccoli, and peppers always give a satisfying crunch when you bite into them, which is helpful in strengthening your teeth! Adding a low-fat dip with veggies can improve the flavor if you’re not one to crunch on something plain. These contain multiple amounts of vitamins that improve your bite!


There are countless types of portable cheeses, from string cheese to assorted cubed cheese, that adults and children can enjoy to hold them over until lunch or dinner time. Cheese holds a lot of calcium that strengthens their enamel and cuts down on the acidity of other foods and drinks. This is why cheese is paired with wine (or grape juice, for the kids) because the high amounts of tannin and other acidic ingredients.


If you’re interested in learning about more healthy snacks for you and your family, don’t hesitate to contact your Plano dentist by calling this number (972) 509-9399 or clicking here to request an appointment today!