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Dentist in McKinney TX on Bruxism

Bruxism can be one seriously tricky dental issue. This act, which involves the chronic grinding of the teeth, can be and often is done by patients when they are sleeping at night. This can undoubtedly make it a hard issue to self-diagnose at home, but not necessarily a difficult one for your dentist in McKinney TX to notice and treat any longer.


With that in mind, today we will be discussing some of the signs, possible results and various treatment methods that are out there and are designed to bring your grinding to a halt.


As mentioned above, self-identifying your struggle with bruxism may not always be easy due to when it is occurring. If you do happen to notice the chewing surface of your teeth lessening, your teeth physically shortening or that you have developed new pops in the jaw or chronic headaches- you could be suffering from bruxism.


Without getting treated, bruxism can result in the loss or cracking of teeth, structural and muscle damage. The cracks that may form in the teeth can also leave the teeth to be more susceptible to “usual” dental worries such as decay and disease more often also.


While our office offers restorative and cosmetic options to treat your teeth after grinding has occurred, there are ways to prevent it from occurring further too.


Night guards are a specially fitted mouth guard a patient with bruxism can wear at night to prevent the teeth from grinding. These are found to be especially helpful in dealing with bruxism but are not the only answer. Other forms of treatment include stress management classes, oral behavioral therapy, massage, and surgery.


If you or a loved one have noticed you are grinding your teeth at night, dealing with it sooner rather than later is essential in keeping your mouth healthy!


Call your dentist in McKinney TX to discuss your grinding issue and allow us to help you solve it today!


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