Dentist Plano Considerations for Your Next Brush

McKinney Dentist on Brush Choice

Despite all of the shiny tools your McKinney dentist has in office to treat you with, most patients actually have one of the most powerful oral health tools around at home already. The toothbrush can, more than almost anything else, be one of the most important instruments in keeping your teeth and mouth healthy for years to come.


Yet, when it comes to picking one out…sometimes the sheer amount of them available and all the options can be overwhelming.


For that very reason, today your McKinney dentist will be comparing and contrasting two of the most popular toothbrush styles for your next purchase to go a little smoother.


Manual Toothbrush:

  • Available in a great variety of colors, sizes, styles and from many companies.
  • Inexpensive to buy and replace.
  • Very easy to transport.
  • Requires proper technique and timing to be efficient.


Electric Toothbrush:

  • Less “custom” or “varied” in appearance.
  • More expensive to buy or replace.
  • Requires a battery, charger or docking station- so not as easy to transport.
  • Requires overall less effort to complete a higher level of cleaning.


So, we see here that even though it requires more effort, if it is used properly, the manual toothbrush can be both a more attractive and efficient tool in cleaning the teeth. Electric brushes certainly take less effort, and many have built-in two-minute timers that sound off when you can stop brushing, but definitely can be more of an investment. Regardless of what brush you choose, using it properly and regularly is the most important consideration to make!


For more information on proper brushing technique, you can ask at your next appointment for a demonstration, or head to our FAQ page to read up a bit.


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