Dentist Plano Flossing Techniques for You!

Helping You Properly Floss at Your Cosmetic Dentistry, TX Location


Keeping up with your at-home oral care is more than just brushing your teeth. Many patients struggle with this, whether it is the lack of brushing twice a day, eating too many sweets, or not flossing every day, these factors affect your teeth at all times. Flossing is one of the most popularly ignored dental care at-home treatments because of a variety of reasons; patients think they’re unable to floss right, or feel like they don’t have time, or simply ignore doing it because they don’t want to. Your Plano dentist is here to help you improve your flossing skills at your Cosmetic Dentistry, TX location!


Flossing is seen as a hassle for more reasons than one, but it’s a simple process that can be done if patients are taught the proper techniques. The reason for flossing is to remove any food particles and the build-up of plaque so patients can avoid tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss.


To start flossing, patients need at least 18 inches of floss to grasp on to and use for each space. Wrapping the floss around each middle finger is the best position for you to begin, leaving an inch or two of space to work with. You’ll be changing these spaces after each floss between your teeth so you’re guaranteed to get a fresh flossing.


 When you’re positioning the floss, pinch the ends with your index finger and thumb, making sure the space is taut. To begin, gently slide the floss in between your tooth. Whatever you do, do not snap the floss in between your teeth! If you do, then you’re highly likely to damage your gums, cutting them and possibly making them bleed.


Flossing takes time, so patience is the key. Moving the floss gently up and down between your teeth will do the proper cleaning. Make sure you clean below the gum line, as well, because food particles and bacteria can hide and linger there if you don’t properly clean that area.

Repeat these steps for each space between your teeth (yes, even the ones in the back). When you remove the floss from between the space, use the same gentle, slow movements you used when you slid the piece down between your teeth.


If you do see some bleeding, do not be afraid and don’t stop flossing! You’re removing all of the bacteria and plaque that was lingering there for a long period of time and your gums are now in the process of repairing themselves. After a week or so, you’ll have removed the build-up and your mouth will feel great!


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