Dentist Plano Fueling Exercise Worries

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In this week's post, one of the best dentists in Plano TX will share his thoughts on how some supplements, such as energy drinks and nutritional bars can actually be harming your teeth during a workout.


Regarded as one of the best dentists in Plano TX, Dr. Kasiri knows how close the connection between whole-body-health and oral health can be. With that said, besides having an established at-home oral health regimen, it is also not a bad habit to pick up an exercise routine that suites and benefits your needs. But could working out, in some way, shape or form actually be detrimental to your mouth? Today we are here to explore how potentially, it could be.


Now, the act of exercising may not necessarily cause your teeth damage (which, if playing a contact sport, always wear a mouth guard)- but circumstances related to it could. Take what you fuel your workout with for instance. In this day and age you will be hard-pressed to find someone working out and just simply drinking water. Not to say it never happens, but a majority of the time energy or sports drinks, protein or energy bars and more are utilized before, during and after the sweating is done.


While many of these drinks will in-fact have extra added supplements, like vitamins and nutrients, that not only help you build muscle mass and perform longer, but they can also have some less-boasted about ingredients. Many of these foods and beverages are also packed with sugars and acids that can harm the teeth. Long term exposure to these harmful ingredients can lead to enamel erosion, then decay, disease and other serious problems.

While it may not be as “tasty” or have as many vitamins or perceived benefits, water is still an amazing choice for your work out. You can keep your body hydrated and your mouth healthy too, all with a good helping of H20.


For more information on how foods and beverages utilized in your exercise routine could negatively impact your oral health, please schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Plano TX by calling (972) 509-9399 today!