Dentist Plano Importance of Your Root Canal

Dentist in McKinney TX Protects Your Teeth with Root Canal Treatment


It’s no surprise that patients dread going to the dentist because they don’t want to hear any bad news, but avoiding their dentist will only cause further issues for their dental health. A popular treatment that is provided for patients at Alexander Dental is a root canal. While it doesn’t sound fun or exciting, it may be necessary for some patients if their tooth is infected and the patient is at risk of losing it. Your dentist in McKinney TX is here to provide the importance of root canal treatment.


If a root canal treatment is necessary, this is mostly due to an infection from a cavity, gum disease, or a fractured tooth where bacteria is able to spread and cause pain in that tooth. If this bacteria continues to spread, then it can begin to affect other teeth, as well. Other ways that the nerve in the root of your tooth could be damaged is due to a physical injury to the jaw or mouth area.


During a root canal treatment, your dentist removes the pulp tissue in the tooth that contains the nerve and blood supply within that tooth. After this, the canal is sterilized and sealed so there’s no longer a chance of infection. Since the nerve tissue is removed, over time your tooth will become brittle. Usually, your dentist will put a crown over this tooth so visually, nothing is noticeable about the tooth and you’ll be able to use it just as naturally as the rest of your teeth.


If this treatment is ignored, the infection that’s in the root can quickly spread and damage the rest of your teeth. This could cause a patient to lose that tooth or multiple teeth and if the gums are severely infected, then there’s less likely of a chance that they’ll be able to get implants or other cosmetic procedures to save their smile.


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