Dentist Plano Kick Dental Myths Out!

The Best Dentist in Plano TX Debunks Dental Myths that Keep Patients from Making Appointments


There are countless dental myths that patients believe that holds them back from going to their dental appointments. Although they think that they’re helping their oral care, they’re actually causing more harm than good. There are also patients that are afraid of going to the dentist because of these myths, wanting to improve their oral health but being too scared to make that next step. Thankfully, the best dentist in Plano TX is here to kick these myths to the curb so patients know the truth!


Should I Place Aspirin Directly on My Toothache?
No! When using aspirin, it’s supposed to be swallowed so your stomach is able to properly break it down and spread the helpful chemicals to the pain spot all on its own. If you use crushed aspirin directly against your tooth, you’re putting these chemicals against your teeth that aren’t made to handle them! This can cause mouth sores and even create holes in your teeth.


Should I Stop Brushing when I Notice Blood?
Not always! There are a few reasons as to why your gums may be bleeding when you’re brushing your teeth. The most common reason is due to plaque and bacteria that’s harming your gums from being there for too long. If you’re cleaning and brushing your teeth and you notice blood, this means your gums are trying to tell you something! See your dentist about your bleeding gums in order to protect them.


Should I Stop Flossing when I Notice Blood?
No! Many patients skip out flossing altogether, so if you’re flossing, you’re doing more than a majority of patients during their oral hygiene routine. Regular brushing doesn’t clean all of your teeth, so you’re missing a third of your cleaning routine if you’re not flossing. When there’s blood, it’s much like brushing—your gums are suffering and need proper care!


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