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General Dentistry in McKinney TX on Beating Brush Bacteria

One of the main reasons behind brushing the teeth twice daily is to help eliminate bacteria from the mouth. If these bacteria hang around too long, they can feed on the sugars in your diet and produce acids that negatively impact your teeth with cavities, disease and more. In order to keep your number one weapon against these bacteria, your toothbrush, nice and healthy between brushes- today your top provider of general dentistry in McKinney TX is going to review some toothbrush maintenance and storage tips.


The first technique is a simple one we find that most patients engage in automatically anyway. That is to take your brush, before and after your cleaning, and rubbing the bristles through with your thumb. Make sure to be doing this under hot water in the sink as well. The combination of this heat, flow and force can help dislodge any bacteria that may be holding on for dear life to your bristles.


Following your regimen’s completion, storage is one of the essential pieces of the clean brush puzzle.


Make sure to store your brush right-side up in a holder that allows a steady and constant amount of airflow. This ability for the brush to dry naturally out in the air is very important. Do not allow the head of the brush to make contact with any other surfaces or brushes while it is in the holder. Lastly, make sure to wipe off any white “gunk” that has accumulated at the bottom of the holder over time. This can be a place where bacteria may drip to and not-so-secretly fester.


By sticking to the above tips, and getting a new toothbrush every 3 to 4 months, you can be ensuring that your next cleaning is just as hygienic and beneficial as the next.


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