Dentist Plano Save Your Teeth While You're Out!

Plano Dentist Wants Patients to Keep their Teeth Clean at All Times!


Being on the go at all times makes it difficult to keep your smile in tip-top shape at all times. Whether it’s the smell of your breath or a strange, filmy feeling on the surface of your teeth, it’s not always possible to solve this issue right away. Many people don’t carry around a spare toothbrush and toothpaste with them, and if they’re stuck staying out all day, then they’re not able to clean their mouth. Your Plano dentist wants to share these tips on how to keep your teeth clean when you’re on the move.


While these may not always give you the same feeling as you would get brushing your teeth at home, they’re still ways of keeping your teeth healthy:

1. Drink Water: This may be obvious, but to others it may be a surprise! When you drink water, you’re able to rinse away some of the food particles and bacteria that could be sitting on your teeth, waiting to cause cavities. Drinking water also triggers your saliva flow and helps your saliva recreate the minerals that were broken down by whatever food or drink you. The minerals are able to coat your tooth enamel and begin protecting once again.

2. Carry Floss: You may forget to floss at home almost every day, but if you’re uncomfortable with the feeling of your teeth, then this may prompt you to attempt to clean your teeth in any way that you can, which includes flossing. Many floss containers are small and easy to store in your bag, your pockets, or your car. It’s recommended to rinse your mouth out with water afterwards so you’re able to fully get rid of any loose food particles.

3. Sugar-Free Gum: People like to chew gum to get rid of bad breath, but this may be a temporary solution. While sugar-free gum won’t fully eliminate bad breath, it will attempt to minimize it. This gum also stimulates saliva flow, which will start the protective process mentioned above. Choose sugar-free gum over other kinds because they usually contain xylitol, a sweetener that also fights to reduce dental plaque.


Talk to your Plano dentist about other ways you’re able to keep your teeth fresh and clean on the go. Contact our office by calling (972) 509-9399 or clicking here to request an appointment online.