Dentist Plano Stopping Sensitivity

Tips to Beat Sensitive Teeth from the Best Dentist in Plano TX!

Is it a struggle for you to eat or drink almost anything? Do you feel like your tea is too hot, or your water is too cold? When you get a sharp pain that makes your mouth ache, you probably have very sensitive teeth. It makes eating almost impossible to enjoy, but if you’re looking for the best dentist in Plano TX to help solve this problem, look no further than Dr. Kasiri!


First, let’s discuss what causes your teeth to be sensitive in the first place. When dentin is exposed—which is the surface of your tooth behind your gums—drinks and foods reach that nerve, which causes the pain. Your gums are what are protecting that area, but if they recede, it’s hard to continue protecting. Other things like teeth grinding, gum disease, tooth decay, even tooth whitening products can cause sensitive teeth. Essentially, you’re wearing down your teeth, which wear down the enamel and begin to expose the dentin.


Fortunately, there are a few steps that someone with sensitive teeth can take to possibly reduce the pain before going to their dentist. Changing your toothbrush can be a big help—getting one with softer bristles won’t irritate your mouth as much. Along with your toothbrush, look for new toothpaste, as well. There are countless pastes that are made for sensitive teeth that will help you out. Make sure that there’s fluoride in that toothpaste, too! Fluoride helps strengthen and protect your teeth, so the sensitivity will be down and its power will go up!


Changing your diet may be a necessary step, even though it’ll be hard. If the pain is that bad, then there are going to be certain foods and drinks that you’ll have to avoid. Otherwise, you’ll not only continue to be in pain, but you’ll be doing damage to your weakened teeth.


If these tips aren’t helping and the pain persists, contact the best dentist in Plano TX, Dr. Kasiri! He can give you further tips on how to reduce the sensitivity of your teeth, and even suggest the right products to buy and better foods to eat. Call (972) 509-9399 to make an appointment or consultation!