Dentist Plano Surprising Things Ruining Your Teeth

Surprising Foods & Drinks Your Dentist in McKinney TX Knows are Bad

There are countless tips and lists of candies and sodas that we all know are ruining our teeth, along with techniques to cut back on those. But these foods and drinks that you may not have expected to be bad for you can be a hard pill to swallow, especially since you didn’t expect it. Your Dentist in McKinney TX wants you to not only watch out for the obvious, but for the suspicious.


This dieting craze has been becoming more and more popular over the years. While it may be helpful in losing weight, you’re not doing much help for your teeth. The juices you’re now drinking have a high sugar content that is only hurting you when you substitute beneficial meals for these drinks. If you want to stick to juicing, try drinking through a straw instead so the sugar can bypass your teeth. Brushing about an hour after you finish your drink definitely helps, as well.


Dried Fruit
What?! Blended fruit, dried fruit—what fruit can you have? You would be shocked to know that because the dried fruit holds no water, much like pears, apples, and the like, then the additional flavoring put on the dried snacks contains sugar! So technically, you’re missing more benefits from regular fruits. Try to brush and floss your teeth after eating these, since they can easily get stuck to your teeth.


Marinating Sauces
Okay, this one might have been a given. Most meats that you marinate, the popular one being BBQ sauce, are usually left to soak for hours and hours to retain the sweet, gooey flavors. But these sauces contain a high amount of sugar (there’s a reason some of these sauces are so sweet)! This one can certainly be harder to avoid than others, especially because summer is fast approaching and ignoring barbeque parties are out of the question. If you can’t resist those ribs, then try brushing your teeth soon after eating so you can get the sticky, sweet substances out of your mouth so they don’t continue to damage your enamel.


Chewable Vitamins
While it may be a way to get children to take their vitamins, it’s really not good for their teeth. Because they’re chewy and sweet, they contain—you guessed it—sugar! And if they’re the gummy ones, they’re more likely to stick to teeth and be that much tougher to get off. Stick to pill form vitamins, they’ll do more good than harm.


White Wine
Even though red wine gets the most flack for staining your teeth, the high acidity in white wine can quickly damage your tooth enamel, eating it away. Neither wines are better for you since they both harm your oral health. If you can’t resist, cheese is the best pair to level out the acidity, or rinse your mouth out with water after your last glass to rid of any excess acidity.


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